Readers Respond to Answers July - September 2006


The inaugural issue of Answers magazine was mailed in June. Response has been overwhelmingly positive and subscriptions are rapidly increasing. We praise God, and thank you for your support!

Practical & Useful

“The magazine is more (much more) than I ever expected. My kids loved the pullout section just for kids, and I love the worldview section and the get answers section. Tons and tons of practical information to help me defend my beliefs. I can’t wait until the next issue arrives in my mail box!”

— Sara Green

Share Your Dinosaurs

“While reading the story in the inaugural issue entitled ‘Two Fighting Dinosaurs? Buried in Sand!’ during my train ride on the way to work, a little boy peeked over my seat from behind and asked, ‘Hey Mister, where did you get that really cool dinosaur magazine?’ I told him it was the very first one and that ‘Yeah, it was really cool!’ Most gratifying, however, was the ability to take the pull-out kids section (which ‘happened’ to be about the same story) and give it to his mother. May she be the first in a long line to receive the truth as a little child from your new magazine.

“P.S. I just sent a gift subscription of Answers to a friend yesterday. I take today’s experience as my reward.”

— Tim Butler, Maryland

Dr. Morris

“Just read my first issue of Answers. … God bless all you people. What a sad day for Christianity when Dr. Morris passed away. Surely he can’t be far from the right hand of God.”

— Gary

What About More Animals?

“I just finished reading my first issue of Answers magazine, and I loved it. I liked the old magazine, too, but I like the changes that have been made, like measurements in the ‘American’ system, since I do not know the metric system all that well. My one suggestion would be more articles on animals, including dinosaurs. I know most people love animals and would like to learn more about them from a biblical perspective. … There is a real lack of information about animals without all the evolutionary/secular propaganda, and Answers magazine could fill that void very easily. Thank you for your magazine and all you do.”

— Kim Embrey, Virginia

Editor’s note: We’re listening! In fact, we’ve added 16 pages, and part of the reason is so we can include a special story about a different animal every issue … just like you requested!

“Top Flight”

“I just received my first issue and wanted to let you know that it was ‘top flight.’ I was especially glad to see the article on worldviews since I am currently working on a paper dealing with worldviews.”

— David Stoll, Worthington Christian High School, Ohio

Science & Culture News

“The Answers magazine is great! I like the layout and content. Love the short articles at the front that address a lot of current issues. Can’t wait to delve into the more scientific articles; the length on these look good, too, for us ‘lay-types.’”

— Herb Seigler, California

New Magazine Not Preferred

“I have received the inaugural issue of Answers magazine. I regret to inform you that I do not like the new magazine and much preferred the older Creation. Because of this, I will not be renewing my subscription, which expires this month.”

— John W.

Kids Answers

“We really enjoy the Kids Answers edition. We saw the dinosaurs that were fossilized so rapidly that they didn’t have time to even fall down. My siblings and I liked the find-it section. We had to look up the word Apatosaurus. We loved this edition and are very thankful.”

— Richard, Geoff, Jeremy, and Dottie

Editor’s note: Many children and their parents love the new magazine website, and the special section for children. Bookmark the website at

Sucked Into Truth

“Your new magazine is GREAT! The format is much more readable—it sucks you in, [you] just read a little, and soon you’ve gotten a bunch of awesome TRUTH fed in little bites. My friend is 75-ish and was bored with [your] old magazine, but this one she read in its entirety.”

— Dr. & Mrs. A. A. Smith

Tracts for Young Evangelists

“I really liked your new magazine (especially the kid’s part)! I found all the hidden animals. When I grow up I am going to pass out tracts. I saw in your magazine the article about the maid who became a Christian because of the AiG brochure with the tip. Mr. Ham, do you have any suggestions on where I could get the right tracts? If you can help me I would be very grateful.”

— Timothy Curran, age 11

Editor’s note: Good news, Timothy. You don’t have to be an adult to pass out tracts! Mr. Ham has written several, including one about dinosaurs (“What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs”) and one that’s extra good at this time of the year. It’s called “From Creation to Bethlehem.” We’re going to send you a bunch to pass out — keep up the good work. (Everyone else, go to and search the word “tracts,” and pray for Timothy!)

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