“You are in my prayers”


Your boldness, accuracy, and sometimes ironic humor in answering questions is refreshing. I am enrolled in one of your online classes in which we have to answer to skeptics and such. I am learning a lot from your feedback area. Keep up the good work and keep that goal before you as you run this race.

I admire the way you always end with sharing the gospel!!

A., US

Just wanted to say how much I still enjoy the feedback articles. The last one by Brad and Bodie was great. I thought I had heard all the arguments against Scripture but the on about Judas’s money was a new one for me. I learn somthing almost every time I read a feedback article. Really apreciate all the feedback contributors including the English contributors.

M. H., US

I just want to say I think your organization is doing an amazing job. I want to encourage you to keep up the great work in proclaiming the truth about “origins” and the authority of Scripture. It is amazing to me what people will believe while at the same time ridiculing someone who believes in a recent creation/young earth/the truth of God’s Word, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing the museum when it opens. You are in my prayers and again, thank you so much for all the hard work you have been doing!

T.T., US

AiG just gave me the best answer for refuting abortion! I’m 16 years old and I have a friend who believes in pro-choice and when he asked me for my views on abortion, I said that I opposed it but I couldn’t support my view. Now, thanks to AiG, I can finally answer him and feel confident with my answer. Personally, on reading the article on abortion, the odd shivers ran up my spine when you guys told that submitter to go up to a Down Syndrome person and tell them they should’ve been aborted. That hit the mark and I couldn’t imagine refuting such a remark. I’m sure the submitter felt extra dubious when he read that! Thank you AiG and God bless you!

D.B., US


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