Positive Feedback on Negative Feedback


This week's positive feedback is from AKM of California, USA.

This week's positive feedback is from AKM of California, USA.

FYI my homepage is AiG :o); that's what kind of an impact your ministry has had on my family and I. I've been listening to Ken Ham for several years now and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of AiG for their commitment to educating believers, as well as non-believers, in the area of creation vs. evolution science. And your sincere interest in having a dialog/debate with those who hold opposing views. Case and point: E-mail demate dated 30 March '01 received from "Mr. F". Though he/she did not reciprocate in kind (showing interest in honest dialog), your desire to address Mr. F's questions and statements respectfully is a perfect example of the ministries objective. I would like to commend you, Mark, on being professional and sincere in your attempt to discuss the "issues". It is unfortunate that Mr. F, although an intelligent person, was very condiscending in his desire to put you in your place (he failed to do so). I've often noticed that individuals like Mr. F, when asked to present evidence to support their views, respond by hurling insults. Thank you for continuing to serve the Lord despite the challenges and attacks of those who do not support your ministry.
May the Lord continue to bless all of you.

Sincerely, AKM


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