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on August 3, 2000
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“Finding your web site a few months ago has totally changed my way of thinking.”

Hi, finding your web site a few months ago has totally changed my way of thinking. I was never able to find the answers about how dinosaurs and "prehistoric man" could go along with the bible. Your web site and literature have been a great help. I've shared what I learned with my husband, son and daughter-in-law and it's answered a lot of their questions,too. Also, we live in the Dallas area and watch Zola Levitt's program every week and also go to his Messianic Congregation every Friday night. We saw the programs with Gerald Scroeder and they really bothered me. I knew what he was saying was wrong, but I wasn't sure why. Thanks so much for your article about him today. I am planning to print it off and take it to Zola Friday night. I just want to say thanks a lot and keep up the good work. Sincerely, C.P.

- Carrollton, TX, USA


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