Why Do You Want Jesus to Return?

Biblical Authority Devotional: The Seventh C, Part 12

by Steve Ham on August 24, 2011

There are many reasons believers should long for the return of Christ. Steve Ham, AiG–U.S., describes these while encouraging us to keep our focus on Christ Himself.

He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.” Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus! (Revelation 22:20)

Today’s big question: why do you want Jesus to return?

Have you ever thought that if Jesus returned today it would solve all of your problems? I have, and I believe many other Christians have thought this too. I have also seen an alternative to this type of thinking. Not long ago, one of my friends told me about a great vacation he was taking with his wife the next day. I was really happy for him but wanted to challenge his thinking, so I asked, “Do you desire to see Jesus return—today?” We laughed, but we both realized that we should desire the Lord’s return above everything. 

I often ask people why they want to go to heaven. Many respond by pointing out that there won’t be any death, suffering, tears, or sorrow in heaven. Others mention their longing to see their loved ones again. 

Near the end of Revelation, we see the defeat and judgment of sin, Satan, demons, and unrepentant humanity. Jesus is the great Victor, and the various glimpses of God’s throne room describe glorious, unhindered worship of the King of kings in all His splendor.

Revelation describes a marvelous future for those who trust in God. Realizing that we share in His victory and will reign with Jesus should cause believers to anticipate the Lord’s return. After finishing Revelation, I was compelled to meditate on the awe of my victorious King and consider how incredible it will be when I worship before His throne.

We should look forward to the reunion with redeemed family and friends when there will be no more tears, sorrow, and pain. However, we are too easily tempted to romanticize heaven, and this sort of sentimentalizing can quickly become self–centered. We must be careful not to place these types of longings and desires over the joy of being with God. We will enjoy unhindered worship of our great God.

We should long for heaven primarily because we want to be with Christ. Imagine being able to be in the very presence of the unveiled glory of God without being consumed. Can you even begin to fathom what it will be like to see our Savior enjoying the rewards He so richly deserves? Why would we want less? Doesn’t it make you want to echo the words of today’s verse? “Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

Today’s big idea: Our desire should be to see Jesus and to worship Him without sin.

What to pray: tell God how much you are looking forward to heaven and why you long to be with Him.


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