Who Is Capable of True Fulfillment?

Biblical Authority Devotional: Fulfilled, Part 6

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Steve Ham, AiG–U.S., explains that only Christ was capable of fulfilling the law and much more.

For this One has been counted worthy of more glory than Moses, inasmuch as He who built the house has more honor than the house. (Hebrews 3:3)

Today’s big question: who is capable of true fulfillment?

Moses seems to be such a giant of the faith. From the start, Moses was destined for greatness, having been taken into the royal household of Egypt. Later on, he stood face to face with Pharaoh and demanded the release of God’s people. He experienced the brilliant glory of God. He led the people of God from slavery into freedom. He climbed the mountain and returned with the law. He led with conviction, determination, and inspiration. He honestly confronted the people in their sin and humbly pleaded on their behalf to God. What an incredible leader!

It is hard to consider anyone to be counted more worthy than Moses—until Jesus.

In this series we are looking at the fulfillment of all things in Jesus Christ, and we find this fulfillment clearly outlined in the book of Hebrews. In the first few chapters of Hebrews we have a great introduction, considering how fulfillment of all things comes through Jesus Christ. He is truly the supreme One.

Angels are amazing created beings, but they can only point to the awesome glory of Jesus Christ. Moses was the great leader and member of the spiritual house Jesus is building. Aaron was a priest who took the sacrifice on behalf of the people over and over again. But Christ is the great High Priest who is the once-and-for-all sacrifice. 

No created man or system was able to fulfill the law, sacrifice, priesthood, or the function of the tabernacle or the temple—but Jesus could and did. The first chapters of Hebrews show us that He was able to fulfill all because He is above all. He is supreme. He is pre-eminent. He is God.

What Moses, Aaron, Abraham, David, and even angels could not possibly do, Christ did. We may see people destined for greatness, and even achieve worldly greatness. We may see great works for the Lord, but nothing man can do will ever match up to the completed works of Jesus Christ.

In the next few devotionals, we are going to continue looking at what Christ fulfilled, but before that, it is immensely important that we see and accept that His capacity to fulfill all requirements is absolute. Furthermore, this means that He alone has the capacity to fulfill our very lives.

Today’s big idea: only in Jesus do we find true capacity for fulfillment.

What to pray: pray that you might gaze upon Christ for fulfillment in your own life.


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