How Do We Find Grace in a Flooded World?

Biblical Authority Devotional: Consistency of Scripture's Message, Part 3

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God demonstrates grace in the midst of judgment.

But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. (Genesis 6:8)

Today’s big question: how do we find grace in a flooded world?

Man made his choice to be a rebel. These are pretty solemn words to start our devotional today, but they are true words, and words we must accept as part of our worldview. In Genesis 6–8 we read of the catastrophic global Flood that God used to judge mankind because of our great wickedness. We see the devastating effects of this Flood in most of the rock layers visible around the world today. When we see the record of destruction and death within these rock layers, it gives us a sense of awe of God’s power in judgment, and it is entirely reasonable that it should also give us a sense of fear. God is a just God and we are sinners deserving of judgment. 

Here lies the first great example of the consistency of the biblical message. God promised a “Seed” from Eve to save the world (Genesis 3:15), and that Seed came despite the devastation of a global judgment. While evidence of the flood shows us the awesome power of God in judgment, the fact that any of us can even view this evidence is also testament of God’s consistent saving grace. In an unfathomable act of His grace, God protected a line of descendants throughout human history, from Adam to the Savior. In today’s verse we find a simple and yet very powerful example of that consistent grace.

It is important that we understand the significance of the term “grace” when we look at the consistency of the message of Scripture. Grace is not just an act of goodwill on behalf of God. Grace also implies our great unworthiness. Grace is not something that can be deserved. On the contrary, it is something of which we are totally undeserving. Grace is afforded to the blameworthy. Since our sin in the Garden, God’s grace in the promised Seed has always been an ultimate display of His mercy and love to sinful humanity.

Although he was a sinner, “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.” It is because of this grace that God gave Noah the exact dimensions for a life saving vessel. He also brought a pair of every kind of land dwelling animal (and seven of some) to Noah to replenish the earth after the Flood. He saved Noah’s entire family to repopulate humanity and preserve the line of the Seed.

The rainbow provides us with a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness to both judge sin and graciously save (Genesis 9:13).

Today’s big idea: the line to the Seed was always safe in the hands of an all-powerful God.

What to pray: thank God for His faithfulness in salvation.    


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