National Media Campaign Using Giraffes to Highlight Ark

New TV Ads Announce “Kids Ten and Under Free” at Ark Encounter for 2020


To encourage even more families to visit the internationally popular Ark Encounter, a highly creative advertising campaign developed by the award-winning ad agency Joseph David Advertising is using animated giraffes to encourage all children ten and under to come and enjoy free admission during 2020. Employing cutting-edge animation techniques similar to what is seen in major films like Paddington, the new TV commercial (click on the video below to watch) is airing on networks like the Fox News Channel, CBS, Discovery Channel, ION, and others. The TV ad depicts a giraffe family planning a trip to the iconic 510-foot-long ship in Northern Kentucky.

In the ad, a fun character named “Junior Giraffe” convinces his parents to visit the Ark as he informs them that all kids ten and under enjoy free admission this year. (As long as there is one adult paying full price admission, all children ten and under in the party enjoy free access.)

Ken Ham, CEO and founder of the Ark Encounter, noted that through this new TV ad and a social media campaign, “we are pleased to let people around the world know that it’s even easier now for families with young children to visit this world-class family attraction. We hope to grab their attention with the ad’s quality, which I think is unique in the Christian world for its production excellence, especially in the use of modern-day film techniques. JDA has hit a home run for us.”

Ham added, “The giraffe is the animal most associated with Noah’s ark. Many depictions of the ark, however, portray the biblical ship as a fairy tale, often with giraffes’ necks sticking out an ark’s chimney. Even Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday mocked those who believe in an ark ‘fairy tale’ and made it into a political issue. Our full-size ark is a realistic portrayal of the biblical ark, which had a massive capacity and could easily hold all the needed animals, including large ones.”

Built according to the dimensions given in the Bible, the Ark in Northern Kentucky contains three decks of stunning exhibits. Outside the Ark, families can find many more things to do.

Built according to the dimensions given in the Bible, the Ark in Northern Kentucky contains three decks of stunning exhibits. Outside the Ark, families can find many more things to do. The newly opened 2,500-seat Answers Center hosts daily family programs, movies, concerts, and presentations. Also, the recently expanded Ararat Ridge Zoo behind the Ark allows kids to come close to animals like kangaroos and sloths. They can also enjoy running and climbing all over the huge state-of-the-art family playground. For a fee, children can also ride the lengthy zip lines (with some age and weight restrictions).

Ham added, “I urge parents and other adults to bring as many children as possible to experience the Ark Encounter over and over again for the entire year. It’s a wholesome family-friendly attraction. And don’t forget our Creation Museum, 45 minutes away, where we also offer free admission to children ten and under in 2020.”

The Ark Encounter welcomes well over one million guests annually. Its sister attraction, the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, sees over 500,000 guests each year.

Current Hours: Through March 9, 2020, both attractions will be open Tuesday–Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday). Winter hours are Tuesday–Friday 10 a.m.–5 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.–5 p.m. These winter hours will give maintenance teams and fabricators time to do needed maintenance and upgrades rather than having to do them during the night. Also, Sundays and Mondays are typically slower days of the week in the winter. Beginning March 10, 2020, the attractions will resume their seven-day-a-week operation, in time for the spring break crowds.

The Ark Encounter is in Williamstown, Kentucky, off I-75, with a full-size Noah’s Ark as its centerpiece. The high-tech Creation Museum is 45 minutes from the Ark and is located west of the Cincinnati Airport.

More information can be found at and

Editor’s note: This article was adapted from a news release that was recently distributed to the media.


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