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6 Sunday School Teaching Techniques to Fit Your Needs

by Avery Foley on June 11, 2019

Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) is so easy to teach, utilizing a “Say–Ask” format to make it simple for teachers to follow the script. This easy-to-use format is especially helpful if you were unable to prep that week, if you’re a new teacher, or if you need a substitute at the last minute.

Additionally, many teachers want to tailor the curriculum to fit with their specific class or goals. Here are six teaching techniques to help you make ABC your own:

  1. Be flexible.
    Yes, we gave you a “script,” but you don’t have to stick to it woodenly. If your class is showing interest in something in particular, pause the lesson and discuss it thoroughly, answering any questions and helping them to think through the topic at hand. This may mean cutting something later, but it will be worth it to watch them grasp what they’re wondering about.

  2. You don’t need to have all the answers.
    Sometimes kids will ask really, really off the wall or difficult questions. It’s okay if you don’t know the answer! Just tell them you don’t know, but you’ll investigate it and talk about it the following week—then make sure you do! The kids will appreciate the effort, and you’ll learn something new too.

  3. Have a short class?
    Some churches have much shorter classroom time than ABC is constructed for. That’s okay! You can shorten the lesson time by:

    • Summarizing key Scripture passages or read them out of your Bible, instead of asking a student to read them.
    • Ask fewer questions—but always ask some. It increases attentiveness, recall, and comprehension.
    • Highlight key points, instead of going into the details.
    • If you must, skip points you feel are not as important, based on your unique class.
    • Hand out the Class Notes at the end for take-home review or have students answer the Class Notes verbally from the PowerPoint slides.
  4. PowerPoint is your friend.
    A great way to increase attention and comprehension is by using the PowerPoint slides. Consider adding some of your own. If you’re talking about ancient Egypt, add some pictures of pyramids, hieroglyphs, or pharaohs. Is the lesson set by the Sea of Galilee? Include some images of that area to show the kids. As an alternative to PowerPoint, you can always print these pictures off and pass them around.

  5. Bring props or visuals.
    They help increase participation and, therefore, learning.

  6. Skit-ify the Bible reading.
    Choose some volunteers to act out the Bible passage you’re reading, if it’s a narrative. Bring props or costumes along for the kids to use. This can be a fun way of engaging them with the biblical account you are studying.

There are many ways to make ABC your own for your unique class and situation. Spend time getting thoroughly familiar with the ABC setup and then get creative. Have fun, knowing you’re pointing children toward the Savior of their souls!

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