Help Encourage Even More Churches to Use ABC

by Bryan Osborne on August 31, 2018

Did you know over 10,000 churches across the US are now using our Answers Bible Curriculum? We’re thrilled that so many churches are finding our unique combination of apologetics and biblical authority and chronological teaching not only helpful but life-changing. We frequently hear from pastors, Sunday school leaders, and others who say their entire Sunday school program has been radically changed by the content found in ABC.

10,000 churches is a wonderful milestone to have reached, and we would love to see 10,000 more churches using our curriculum. But we need your help to do so! We can’t reach every pastor or children’s ministry leader and share with them the need for a “meaty” Sunday school curriculum.

So many churches are just using “fluffy” curricula that simply teach Bible “stories” that merely amount to good moral lessons and a patchwork view of Scripture. This doesn’t help children, young adults, and adults grow in their faith or have answers to the questions of our day. That’s why we teach apologetics (faith defense), emphasize biblical authority and how to apply God’s Word to our world, and teach the Bible chronologically so it makes sense and the history comes to life. We believe it’s a powerful resource with the potential to transform the next generation of Christians.

And we need you to tell others about it. Please consider reaching out to local pastors or church leaders and encouraging them to check out ABC (they can even try a month for free!). And if you’ve used our ABC curriculum, we’d love for you to leave a review on our Facebook page to let others know why you used it and what you loved about it. Please like our page and leave a review at

You can learn more about Answers Bible Curriculum, or order it for your church, at

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