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Starting in January 2024, receive four issues of this award-winning kids magazine a year. Many kids magazines push modern culture’s anti-Christian worldview in areas such as gender issues and evolution. In contrast, our Kids Answers magazine affirms the Bible and teaches about creation!

32 pages of fun!

The expanded Kids Answers features fun activities, fascinating animal facts, kid-friendly apologetics, exciting stories, and articles about God’s fantastic creation. The science and biblical apologetics content excites grade school readers.

Science and Creation

Animal Facts

Kids Answers is loaded with photos and animal facts—from short paragraphs to more in-depth articles—so kids can learn about the amazing creatures in God’s creation.

Science and Creation

Science Experiments

Each issue contains a science experiment—complete with step-by-step instructions—that kids can do at home to better understand the world we live in!

Science and Creation

Kids Apologetics

Just like adults, kids need to know what they believe. Kids Answers tackles their everyday big questions with the truth of God’s Word.

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