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The purpose of Answers magazine is to illustrate the importance of Genesis in building a creation-based worldview, and to equip readers with practical answers so they can confidently communicate the gospel and biblical authority with accuracy and graciousness.

Meet the Answers Magazine Team

Ken Ham is the founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis–USA. A native Australian, Ken is one of the most in-demand Christian speakers today. He has authored many books concerning the authority and accuracy of God’s Word and the effects of evolutionary thinking, including Why Won’t They Listen?, The Lie: Evolution, and Already Gone. Ken is also heard around the world on over 1,000 radio stations on his daily program Answers with Ken Ham.

Dale T. Mason is the founding publisher of Answers magazine (launched in 2006). He also served as the periodical’s original executive editor. He is VP in charge of Answers in Genesis’ Media and Product Distribution and the Publisher of Answers magazine. He oversees the teams responsible for magazine, newsletter, mail and web-based resource distribution, and radio program distribution. Mason holds a BS in business administration and communications from Grace College (Indiana).

As editor in chief of Answers magazine, Sarah Eshleman enjoys managing the many tasks involved with producing an award-winning publication. Previously, she was the content editor for the Answer in Genesis web team. She holds a BA in professional writing from Pensacola Christian College and an MFA in creative nonfiction from Converse College.

Kaitlyn Iocco was social media coordinator on the Answers in Genesis web team before joining Answers magazine as managing editor in 2019. She holds a BA in English from Thomas Edison State College.

Chris Neville serves as the art director for Answers magazine. He has been contributing to Answers magazine since 2011 and joined the magazine team full time in 2016. He holds a BS in visual communication from Liberty University.

Director of Research: Andrew Snelling

Editorial Review Board: Bodie Hodge, Roger Patterson, Georgia Purdom

Science Editors: Georgia Purdom, Bodie Hodge, Danny Faulkner, Andrew Snelling

Theology Editors: Terry Mortenson

Copy Editors: Rick Barry, Lori Jaworski, Jeanette Littleton

Web Staff: Avery Foley, Jeremy Ham, Joel Leineweber, Kelli Marksbury, Linda Sauer, Frost Smith

Advertising Coordinator: Colleen Wintermute

Circulation: Karen Gault, Sarah LaMore

General Counsel: John Pence


Through the years Answers has received numerous awards from the Evangelical Press Association (EPA), most notably:


  • Award of Excellence in the General Category
  • First Place—General Article: Short
  • First Place—Original Art: Digital


  • First place—Department


  • Finalist for a FOLIO Ozzie Award in the Magazine Redesign category


  • First place—General Article: Short
  • First Place—Typography and Lettering


  • First place—Typography and Lettering
  • First place—Original Art: Traditional


  • First Place in Design: Cover
  • First Place in Design: Two-page Spread


  • First Place in the Original Art: Digital/Mixed Media Category
  • First Place in the Typography and Lettering Category


  • First Place in Cartoon Category
  • First Place in Original Art: Traditional Category
  • First Place in Two-Page Spread Design Category
  • First Place in Cover Category


  • Award of Excellence in the General Category
  • First Place in the Cover Category
  • First Place in the Original Art/Traditional Category
  • First Place in the Two-Page Spread Design Category


  • Award of Excellence in the General Category
  • First Place in Typography and Lettering Category


  • Award of Merit in the General Category
  • First Place in the Student Writer of the Year Category

Answers Magazine

This popular, award-winning worldview magazine equips readers to confidently communicate the gospel and biblical authority with accuracy and graciousness.

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