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Hop on the swamp buggy with Buddy Davis as he sets out to find alligators and other wildlife in the Florida Everglades. This second DVD of Buddy Davis’s Amazing Adventures takes you on a sensational journey with the Swamp Man himself. Packed with fun facts, close encounters, witty animation, and a God-glorifying message, this video will lift your spirits and might even inspire you to chase a few gators yourself.

Buddy meets many amazing critters on his Florida adventure. Superbly designed for fast swimming, the American alligator has no problem finding a meal in the water. Underwater his built-in “goggles” protect his eyes, and a special valve closes his throat so the water doesn’t choke him while he dines on fresh fish. But alligators are not the only stars of the show; don’t forget the snakes, turtles, lizards, wood storks, black bears, and even manatees and dolphins.

But not all organisms in the Everglades belong there. Buddy explains that feral pigs that escaped from local farms, as well as non-native plants such as water hyacinths, have created huge problems for southern Florida’s ecosystems. The warm climate lets these species thrive to the detriment of native species. Consider pythons, for example. They sound like great pets, until they reach 10 feet in length. In the Everglades, they have no natural enemies, and cold weather isn’t a problem. Laying 50–80 eggs at a time, this pet is now a big pest, even threatening alligators and local deer!

While nothing compares to the joy of paddling a kayak or canoe through the beautiful maze of water and plants, it’s easy to get lost. Just in case that ever happens to you, Buddy samples some of the edible grass for you. You can’t miss it—sawgrass. It’s everywhere you look (no joke). The Seminole Indians, who have lived in the Everglades for centuries, used to make bread by beating the sawgrass to a pulp and baking it. Buddy demonstrates the plant’s edibility by pulling it right out of the water and eating the tender part.

Ever the adventurer, Buddy also tastes Brazilian peppers, which originated from a foreign, invasive tree. Bears and other native animals now enjoy eating the peppers, which make them feel full but have no nutritional value. Bears enjoy another native plant food that is good for them—heart of palm. Indeed, Buddy and a bear expert rely on this food to track a black bear.

If you decide to explore the Everglades, Buddy has one warning: do not take a shortcut through “Nightmare Pass”! A song about his own frightening trip through the pass—brought to life with unforgettable animation of the Gator Gang band and their unusual rhythm section—is one of the highlights of the Swamp Man DVD.

Buddy Davis’s endearing personality and delightful music bring this Florida adventure to life. And best of all, this nature video, Swamp Man, honors God and His Word from beginning to end!

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