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What’s the number one word used to describe amusement park rides? Fun! And fun will be the number one word used to describe Answers VBS’s newest program, IncrediWorld Amazement Park!

Everywhere they turn in our society, children hear the same story about earth’s origin—they’re told it’s not God’s world but the result of millions of years of evolutionary processes. The same rerun plays in movies, TV programs, classrooms, and books: this incredible world, filled with such amazing beauty and designs of creatures, is the result of dumb luck.

The Bible opens with a completely different account. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

With IncrediWorld Amazement Park, kids learn the truth: God deserves the glory for who He is and what He has made! They’ll take a thrill ride through God’s creation, learning about amazing creatures like the tiger beetle. The fastest bug on the planet, this tiny critter can reach speeds that would feel like 500 mph to us. (It’s actually 5.6 mph, or 9 km/h, at his scale.) Incredible!


And how about the Arctic tern? Talk about a frequent flier! This bird logs about 50,000 miles (80,500 km) each year, including flights back and forth for summer and winter vacations at the North and South Poles. It leaves the North Pole and heads south to avoid the harsh winter. Then before winter arrives at the South Pole, it knows to head north again. Incredible!

Each day IncrediWorld is dedicated to showing kids how to connect the Bible to the “real world” where they live. A simple phrase reinforces the “big idea” for each life-changing day.

Day 1: Creation Day—In six days, everything was made!

Day 2: Worldview Day—The Bible says it. That settles it.

Day 3: Gospel Day—Admit, Believe, Forever receive!

Day 4: Design Day—It couldn’t just have happened. God made them that way!

Day 5: Dinosaur Day—Behemoth and Leviathan—they lived at the time of man!

IncrediWorld includes all the things you’d expect in a top-notch VBS program: great music, fun games, yummy snacks, clever crafts, and solid Bible teaching. As they dig deeper into the Bible, kids learn that true science supports and honors God’s account of the universe. Most importantly, IncrediWorld teaches them to trust the Bible and God’s glorious salvation message, which is woven throughout.

IncrediWorld has a variety of options to meet your needs. Choose either the King James version or the updated New King James version. And choose from two music tracks: contemporary or traditional. (This year, one of the leaders in Christian music today, Majesty Music, produced the traditional track!)

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January – March 2012

How can we construct safer buildings? How can we clean up emissions from power plants? Increasingly, engineers are turning to God’s original designs in nature to solve difficult engineering problems. What a testimony to our wise and caring Creator! Also, learn how God is using Amish believers in the USA to help build a new full-size Ark. Plus, discover what the Bible says about those mysterious giants, the Nephilim.

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