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Ever wanted to visit a dinosaur dig site? Well, here’s your chance! Along the way, you’ll learn lots of amazing facts and priceless truths about the Creator. Best of all, you won’t have to clean your fingernails or wipe your brow when the trip is over!

Kids, grab your canteen, gloves, boots, and rock pick. Join Buddy Davis on an exciting dinosaur dig in Montana! A new DVD series launched in August with Amazing Adventures: I Dig Dinosaurs! In his quest for truth, this modern-day adventurer, storyteller, dinosaur sculptor, singer, and songwriter hunts for dinosaur bones, rappels from rocky cliffs, paddles through alligator-choked swamps, and lots more. Brimming with excitement to share God’s glory in creation and the gospel, Buddy Davis inspires children of all ages.

In the first episode Buddy explores the badlands near Glendive, Montana, hunting for dinosaur bones and learning about biblical history along the way. Buddy shows viewers the effects of Noah’s Flood on this striking landscape, where the floodwaters dumped a graveyard full of tyrannosaurs, hadrosaurs, triceratops, fish, plants, and a trove of other fossils waiting to be discovered.

Watch out for rattlesnakes as Buddy trudges through a huge canyon, hunting for floaters. Floaters are pieces of dinosaur bone lying on the ground that washed down from a potential digging site higher up. Buddy shows you how to find these floaters near the bottom of a hill, then work your way up the hill to find more—still underground and protected from the elements.

I Dig Dinosaurs

This fast-paced DVD overflows with fun, Bible-based dinosaur facts that kids (and adults) love. For ordering details visit

Buddy goes on to visit the team working at a fossil dig near Glendive, headed by Otis Kline. Watch how the team removes dinosaur bones using paintbrushes and screwdrivers, careful not to break the fragile bones. Sometimes plain rocks fool the rookies because they look like dinosaur bone, but with practice you begin to tell the difference.

Learn what paleontologists have discovered so far by studying what dinosaurs left behind, such as their tracks. Discover that fossils can form rapidly and are not millions of years old. See the lab where the fossils are processed after they are dug up. And check out the amazing highlights of the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum—a 20,000-square-foot museum that teaches about God’s recent creation. You’ll be amazed by the huge dinosaur skeletons looming overhead.

As an added bonus, Dr. John Whitmore, a geology professor at Cedarville University (Ohio, USA), explains the facts surrounding the much-debated red blood cells and soft tissue recently found in dinosaur bones. How could these survive for millions of years? It’s unthinkable!

This DVD is packed with information and adventure. Kids and adults alike will love the fast-paced action. Don’t miss Buddy Davis’s Amazing Adventures, and be sure to invite family and friends to share these fun and enlightening shows. The series is a great tool for spreading the truth of God’s Word in an entertaining, non-threatening way.

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