Take the Creation Museum Home!


Did you know that you can view many of the Creation Museum videos in the comfort of your own home?

These choice “mini-documentaries”—about 40 in all—have been compiled into a six-DVD collector’s set.

Nearly three hours of inspiring, original videos teach about the Creator, His amazing creation, and His role in this world.

Gain even more insights about science and the Bible, as the producer (John Grooters) and the museum’s content director (Mike Matthews) share extra information and behind-the-scenes stories unavailable in the museum.

Video Evangelism at Your Fingertips

With a production budget of more than one million dollars, these videos are professional in every way. The sumptuous photography and the intriguing facts make it easy to hold the viewers’ attention. Witness to friends with this “video evangelism” tool, or equip your family and friends with concise answers to many of life’s most challenging questions.

The wide-ranging videos touch many topics, whether you want to explore the wonders of creation, see evidence for Noah’s Flood, or enjoy a dramatic retelling of biblical history. The series ends with the Creator stepping into history to save His people from their sins.

The first two DVDs in the collection show how the caring Creator has clearly revealed Himself in creation. Heaven and Earth and Life display the marvels of the human eye, birds in flight, and many other wonders.

In Flood Geology, discover what the rock layers and fossils tell us about the global Flood and its aftereffects. Scientists from many fields honor the authority and infallibility of God’s Holy Word. The next two DVDs present biblical history, beginning with Creation Week. Six Days includes a stunning depiction of the events recorded in Genesis 1. Dinosaurs and Dragon Legends shows that these fearsome monsters have an exciting place within biblical history. The Bible is accurate in every area it touches upon, including science.

The Gospel Comes Alive

As stunning and thought-provoking as these videos are, they’re merely preludes to the final production in the series. The Last Adam is the culmination of the Creation Museum and the creation message. This professional, one-of-a-kind production drives home the truth that the gospel fulfills the sequence of events that started in Genesis. The Last Adam, Jesus Christ, did everything necessary to restore what the first Adam destroyed.

Want others to view the world through the lens of God’s Word? Want to show them how rocks, fossils, dinosaurs, and races tie into biblical history? Looking for answers to the origin of death and suffering? The compelling truths in this DVD collection will challenge believers and unbelievers alike! Visit www.answersingenesis.org/go/museum-dvds to preview this stunning DVD collection.

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July – September 2008

In this issue discover the wonders of God’s creation and see how our Creator is clearly seen all around us. Articles cover bizarre creatures in the fossil record, the intricate “matrix” of bacteria, the eye, and many other marvels.

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