Creation Museum Publicity from Nationally Syndicated Article

on September 11, 2010

Our Creation Museum, which has been open to the public for more than three years, is still receiving a fair amount of publicity—this time through a nationally syndicated article.

News Source

Thankfully, the news is more positive than reports a few weeks back that the museum causes “discomfort” for some visitors. Those allegations were based on research from a sociologist who visited the museum with homosexual students and others.

By contrast, Religion News Service spoke with Ken Ham and Mark Looy, two of the three Answers in Genesis / Creation Museum cofounders, in their profile of the museum. Looy noted that the museum has “consistently surpassed our own forecasts for attendance,” with about 1.2 million visitors since it opened in May 2007. More than half of those visitors journeyed more than 250 miles (400 kilometers).

Ham told the reporter that “the recession has not in any way affected us,” with all signs pointing to continued growth. Also, the museum has contributed an estimated $65 million to the local economy while supporting some 2,000 jobs.

“The recession has not in any way affected us.”

We appreciate the efforts of reporters who are committed to covering the museum fairly, letting the museum’s founders and figures speak for themselves. Aside from minor mistakes—placing the museum in a “remote corner of Kentucky,” when in fact it is in fast-growing Northern Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati; also, the museum attendance for the first year was closer to 400,000 than 500,000—the article gives readers a fair chance to learn about the museum without skeptical spin. Especially when malicious bloggers entries and openly biased news coverage are factored in, such objectivity seems disappointingly rare.

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