Creation Museum Draws Attention in the UK

on December 16, 2006
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From the UK comes yet another article on AiG's Creation Museum, which has been drawing increasing attention even though it won't be officially open until late in the Spring.

The article, although managing to portray the museum accurately on the whole, still fails to hide the author's anti-creationist bias-especially at the end:

Despite adopting the structure and technology of the most extravagant science museum, it remains that none of it is remotely plausible without first accepting Genesis.

Without taking that leap and rejecting centuries of scientific reasoning, it all resembles just another Disney-style magic kingdom.

Despite the author's bias and misstatement on dinosaurs, we are glad more and more people are becoming aware of the Creation Museum.

And sadly, the author furthers the falsehood that “[t]here is no mention of dinosaurs anywhere in the Bible,” apparently unaware of passages such as Job 40:15-24 that almost certainly refer to dinosaurs (see Dinosaurs and the Bible for details).

Even so, the author points out that “[w]herever you stand on the [creation vs. evolution] debate, it is impossible not to be impressed by the effort that has gone into constructing the $27m (£13.5m) museum.” We heartily agree! The article also quotes Answers in Genesis supporter Dr. Michael Sherwin and resident AiG geneticist Dr. Georgia Purdom. And despite the author's bias and misstatement on dinosaurs, we are glad more and more people are becoming aware of the Creation Museum.

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