Making Science Fun

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Hands-on workshops show the wonder of God's marvelous designs.

Creation scientists doing real science? You bet. They can also make learning fun!

Consider David Menton, a cell biologist and former professor of the year at the prestigious Washington University School of Medicine. He fits both categories exceptionally well.

At the university, he wowed medical students with the wondrous design of the human body. A respected researcher on human tissue, he contributed to Stedman’s medical dictionary, the standard reference in the field.

Now at the Creation Museum, Dr. Menton, an Ivy League graduate, teaches and entertains audiences of all ages. With healthy doses of humor, he explains scientific facts, exposes the flaws behind evolutionary thinking, and opens eyes to God’s marvelous designs.

A Blast With Bones

A Blast With Bones
Bones can be a blast! Dr. Menton’s “OsteoBlast” workshop teaches rarely known, fascinating facts. Why do the skulls of babies have more bones than adults? To quickly increase the size of the skull for the brain to grow. What are the only bones that never grow? The ear bones! (They are also the smallest bones in the body and the only ones that are solid all the way through.)

More Than Pond Scum

More Than Pond Scum
In his “Microscarium” workshop, Dr. Menton takes a seemingly hum-drum exercise and turns it into an unforgettable encounter. Putting a drop of pond water under a high-powered microscope, he reveals just a hint of the complexity of single-celled organisms. Though only one cell, they still must do everything large organisms can do to live and function.

Body of Evidence

Body of Evidence
Using a life-size torso of the human body, Dr. Menton’s new “Body of Evidence” workshops allow attendees to see the location and structure of numerous organs. Using a high-powered microscope to display slides of actual organ tissue, Dr. Menton discusses God’s special design for each organ. For example, the spleen acts like a gauntlet through which blood must flow. Defective blood cells are removed and destroyed.

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