The Created Cosmos

The Creation Museum’s Planetarium Show on DVD


You’ve never seen another planetarium program like this one, guaranteed. Just ask anyone who has visited the Creation Museum.

The program director, astrophysicist Jason Lisle, brings a unique combination of skills and wisdom to this one-of-a-kind video. Like other planetarium directors, he has a wealth of knowledge about the subject, but he’s also driven by a warm love of the Creator, a life-long wonder at God’s handiwork, and advanced programming skills that enabled him to bring his vision to reality.

For years Jason has been thinking about the best way to put together a program that would give people a better glimpse of the true vastness of God’s universe. The result—this unique presentation—is constantly described as both “stunning” and “mind-blowing.”

Most planetarium shows are short talks sprinkled with eye-candy, a couple of corny jokes, and a few off-hand remarks. This show, in contrast, lasts over twenty minutes and tells a compelling story that you’ll never forget, narrated by one of the most widely recognized voices in Christendom today—Paul Herlinger, the grandfatherly voice of “John Whit” in Adventures in Odyssey.

The combination of eye-popping images and new animation enables Dr. Lisle to take a difficult message—the scale of the universe—and make it seem simple. Step by step, you travel from earth to the outer reaches of the universe, and back again.

The lessons are so well taught that even young children can grasp them. This God-honoring message is something children will take home with them for the rest of their life. I know—parents have told me, with giddy excitement, the things that their children have shared after they arrived home from watching the Creation Museum’s planetarium presentation.

Dr. Lisle’s experience as a teacher comes through loud and clear. He knows how to make important truths simple and memorable. His love of the heavens and the One who made them is contagious. Everyone working at the Creation Museum knows how Jason regularly volunteers to give free telescope sessions in the Cincinnati area. That enthusiasm comes through in the video.

The Created Cosmos ends with a tasteful appeal for viewers to consider the amazing fact that the Creator of this vast universe chose to become a man, to dwell on this insignificant speck known as earth, and give His life so He could forgive all who call upon His name. What a conversation starter!

This DVD is one purchase that you won’t regret.

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