Prayer Requests and Praises, December 2011


The Lord has given us plenty to praise Him for this December, and we have some important requests for this season and the upcoming new year.


Ark Encounter: $4 Million Raised

By God’s grace, we have now reached the four-million-dollar mark for Ark Encounter donations. That’s quite a bit of money—we’re almost one fifth of the way there! Still, there’s plenty left to go, so please keep praying for guidance and wisdom with this monumental project as we move forward in faith.

Dr. Tommy Mitchell’s UK Trip

Our speakers travel all over the U.S. proclaiming the truth and authority of God’s Word—and around the world, too. Dr. Tommy Mitchell just returned from an extended international speaking trip in the UK. For over a week he traveled hundreds of miles throughout England, Ireland, and Scotland and held meetings with churches, youth groups, and schools (read Tommy’s blog to learn more).

We praise the Lord for working out the many details of this trip, from traveling mercies to speaking engagements. But most importantly, God gets the glory for the testimonies we are receiving of lives impacted by the message they heard. It is a great joy to hear about Christians being strengthened in their faith and unbelievers having their thinking challenged by the truth of Scripture.


UK Ministry

Answers in Genesis–UK enabled us to organize the recent speaking tour in that area, as well as many similar outreaches in the past (and future). The staff at AiG–UK needs your prayers for all the work they are continually involved in—defending the authority of Scripture in a spiritually ever-darkening culture. Please pray that they will be given wisdom in managing the limited time, people, and resources for God’s glory.

Christmas Town 2011

Here at the Creation Museum, Christmas Town is in full swing. Thousands of visitors have already dramatically experienced the birth of Christ through this year’s outreach, and many thousands are yet to come. Please keep all the volunteers and coordinators in your prayers, and also those who may be hearing about the true meaning of Christmas—and the saving gospel of Jesus Christ—for the first time.

2012 Speaking Events

During the Christmas season our speakers enjoy a brief reprieve, but as soon as January comes around, they will be back to a busy schedule of engagements. Many of these upcoming events are already scheduled for next year, and others are still in process. Pray that the details of these many life-changing outreaches would come together, that the speakers would have safety on the road, and especially for the people attending the events. If you want to pray for a specific outreach at a time, please visit our conferences list.


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