Ken Ham on The O’Reilly Factor today

on May 28, 2007

The FOX News Channel’s popular TV program The O’Reilly Factor will feature AiG President Ken Ham later today as he debates outspoken evolutionist Lawrence Krauss and also discusses AiG’s Creation Museum, which will have opened near Cincinnati a few hours before.

The segment will be shown sometime during the 8pm hour, and then repeated at 11pm (eastern time). Bill O’Reilly is usually the host—John Kasich will be subbing today.

Dr. Krauss has been the most outspoken critic of the Creation Museum in recent weeks, and has even likened AiG to the Taliban.

Go to for program information; please note that schedules are subject to last-minute changes on news programs such as these.

Meanwhile, we are in discussions with the producers of another FOX News Channel program—Hannity and Colmes—about a museum feature later this week. Details to come.


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