History—Not So Boring a Subject After All

on April 24, 2006

Recently, we decided to update the “History of AiG” section on our website, and we also added some photos to make the webpage even more attractive to all who visit this site.

Dozens of media outlets have been contacting AiG-U.S. in recent times about the Creation Museum under construction near the Cincinnati Airport, and many of them have been asking for a short history of AiG and the museum for background to their stories. So a few days ago, we decided to update the “History of AiG” section on our website, and we also added some photos to make the webpage even more attractive to media representatives who visit this site.

This document is also available to you if you want to find out more about AiG's somewhat unusual history. Now, we understand that reading a history of an organization can sometimes make for less-than-stimulating reading, but we trust that ours will thrill you as you come to understand how God has blessed the AiG ministry since its modest beginnings “Down Under” in the 1970s.

As you read, you will discover:

  • Why the Cincinnati/northern Kentucky region was chosen for AiG-U.S.'s museum and headquarters (the rumor that the three founders moved from San Diego, California to enjoy the winters of the Midwest will be thoroughly dispelled in the article!).
  • How AiG-UK has grown to the point that it enjoys increased exposure in Darwin's homeland, including in the media and in many more churches.
  • What's in store for the AiG ministries in the near future (e.g., a new magazine, the opening of the Creation Museum in 2007, etc.).

Today, AiG continues to see significant growth: the new U.S. headquarters building is almost filled with staff (just 19 months after it opened), and the UK office hosted its first major international creation conference last week. The media-and the culture in general-in both nations are taking notice, to the point where the AiGs are very much at the forefront of the “culture wars” in both America and Britain.

Click here to read AiG's history, and see what God has been doing through the ministry of AiG to proclaim the vital truth that Christ is Creator, Savior and Lord (Colossians 1:16-20).

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