Greek Web Site Announcement


After years of work, we are pleased to launch AiG's Greek site today!

About the translator…

George Karayannopoulos was born and raised in Athens, Greece—the city where Paul preached about the Creator God to the “Greeks” of his day. George came to the US for his postgraduate studies, finished his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, took a job as a Systems Engineer with a large telecom company, and started a family.

Having received an evolutionary-based education, George needed the Lord’s help to overcome his false beliefs about origins. George says, “Through creationist literature, the Lord showed me the truth about origins and helped me trust Him and His Word in its entirety.”

This new knowledge developed in George a special desire to see the Lord proclaimed as Creator, as well as Savior. So, putting his Internet skills to use, George volunteered to help with the initial stages of AiG’s Web site.

A new Web site!

With the advent of AiG’s international Web sites, the Lord allowed George to develop AiG’s Greek site, translating articles and fulfilling his desire to pass the truths he has learned on to his people. And after years of work, we are pleased to launch AiG's Greek site today!

George concludes, “And so, we have now come full circle: like Paul did 2000 years ago, AiG is preaching today the Creator God and His plan of salvation to the Greeks (both literal and metaphoric) in the agora of the 21st century—the Internet.”

If you would like to help AiG reach non-English speaking countries with these vital truths, please consider donating to our translations ministry—simply check “General Ministry Fund” and write “translations” in the comments section of our secure on-line donations form. Or, if you are a native, fluent speaker of a language other than English and Spanish, and would like to volunteer your time and talents to help translate AiG materials, please contact our translations coordinator, Katia Berra.


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