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Modern technology is marvelous. Now it’s possible to enjoy a complete guided tour of the Creation Museum gardens with only your cell phone in hand! What wonders—that glorify the Creator—await you?

Guests walking on the garden trail at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky can now use their cell phones to learn many exciting lessons about the plants and animals living there—and what they teach us about the Creator. Signs posted along the path and at the petting zoo display a “stop” number, which guests can dial to enjoy the audio tour.

More than three hundred types of beautiful flowers, trees, and shrubs line the walk. The tour is updated frequently to keep up with the seasons and the ever-changing blooms.

Creation Museum Bog
As guests walk over the boardwalk that traverses the Creation Museum’s bog, they discover plants specially designed by their Creator to thrive in bogs—the carnivorous plants! These sinister sprouts enjoy the wet, acidic soils; and they get nutrients that are missing from the soil by digesting insects they capture in their specialized leaf traps.

At the petting zoo, the audio tour describes some of the ingenious designs God gave to each animal. More than thirty different animals call the zoo their home, not counting the ducks, peafowl, and guinea fowl that roam the gardens.

The petting zoo also provides a perfect opportunity to teach important lessons about the created “kinds” listed in Genesis 1. For example, Zoe is a zorse (a zebra/horse mix), and Cletus is a zonkey (a zebra/donkey mix). Because these variants can breed together, we believe that zebras, horses, and donkeys belong to the same created kind, descended from one set of parents that God saved on the Ark.

Gomer the Camel
On the audio tour, guests discover that Gomer, the camel, is related to llamas! (Camels and llamas have reproduced together in captivity.) They also meet Rico, a huarizo (llama/alpaca mix); and Alfonso and Yankee, two alpacas. Since llamas and alpacas can breed together, we believe that they belong to the same “kind” that God created on Day Six (and preserved on the Ark).

Many Creation Museum guests say that strolling through the gardens is the highlight of their visit. Now while they enjoy the roses, tulips, butterflies, bridges, and waterfalls—or feed their new-found furry friends at the petting zoo—they can learn much more about what they see. The cell phone tour is free, except for any phone charges for minutes, and most of the stops are less than 90 seconds long.

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