Celebrating a Major Milestone

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50 years ago, The Genesis Flood launched a worldwide movement to defend the accuracy of the Bible from the very first verse.

Next month, you can celebrate history with us—and be part of it, too!

50 years ago, a new book launched a worldwide movement to defend the accuracy of the Bible from the very first verse. The Genesis Flood was a monumental work that dealt mostly with the events of Genesis chapters 6–9, yet it launched the modern creation movement—one that would shake the evolutionary, millions-of-years establishment. More important, since 1961 The Genesis Flood has been a fruitful tool for evangelism and has given thousands of Christian leaders and millions of laypeople a new confidence and boldness in their faith.

The Genesis Flood

Answers in Genesis will celebrate the anniversary with a historic event at the Creation Museum, as we invite two very special people here on October 14–15. Co-author Dr. John Whitcomb and Dr. John Morris of ICR (son of the other co-author, Dr. Henry Morris) will speak at a notable dinner on Friday evening and then participate at an all-day Saturday conference in the museum’s new 1,000-seat Legacy Hall.

On Saturday, Drs. Morris and Whitcomb will be joined by AiG’s Dr. Andrew Snelling (author of the sequel to The Genesis Flood), Dr. Terry Mortenson (who will give a fascinating historical perspective of the book’s incredible significance), and Ken Ham, AiG–U.S. president and CEO. Did you know that finding a copy of The Genesis Flood in an Australian bookstore over 35 years ago was a key moment that led Ken to join the biblical creation movement?

There is a charge for the dinner event on Friday evening, but the all-day Saturday conference is offered at no additional charge to paying museum guests.

You will be encouraged in your faith—and leave with a “flood” of wonderful memories! See our outreach site for a schedule and list of talks.

Watch this 12-minute video of Dr. Whitcomb discussing the fascinating history behind the writing of The Genesis Flood on our Answers magazine website.


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