Ark Encounter and Creation Museum Temporarily Closed

on March 15, 2020; last featured May 4, 2020

Because of efforts to contain COVID-19, the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum are temporarily closed. The Kentucky governor will decide when state tourist attractions and other public gatherings can re-open.

The leadership of Answers in Genesis and its biblical attractions, the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, has been and continues to be actively meeting and communicating nearly around the clock concerning the ever-changing situation regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus).

After communicating with our staff, we made the decision that we would be temporarily closing the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter to guests effective Tuesday, March 17, until further notice.

We have taken this action after considering numerous factors, including foremost the health and safety of our staff and our visiting guests.

We deeply regret and apologize for the impact this will have on our wonderful guests who made plans to visit over the coming days when we will be closed.

Please pray for our nation, the AiG ministry, and especially all of those impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Thank you,
Answers in Genesis, Creation Museum, and Ark Encounter


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