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The October-December issue of Answers magazine proclaims the value of human life from before birth to our last days on earth.

The October–December issue of Answers magazine proclaims the value of human life from before birth to our last days on earth.

The 14-page “Value of Life” feature section begins with a biblical view of abortion. When does life begin, and why is the question of abortion of such vital importance? Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, reveals why this issue goes to the core of a society’s identity.

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Human Trafficking

When we deny the value of the unborn, it is a short step to abusing other human beings as well, for our own convenience or sinful gratification. Dr. Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America reveals the scandal of the modern slave trade—human trafficking—which keeps young girls captive, even in the “Land of the Free.”

Old Man

The feature section concludes with an article by Answers in Genesis speaker, Tommy Mitchell, MD, on the subject of living wills. Should a Christian even consider a living will? When does withholding treatment cross the line to euthanasia?

In God We Trust

Once, Western societies were generally in agreement with God’s Word on such issues as abortion and human trafficking. What has happened in nations like America to cause us to drift so far from our biblical roots? Ken Ham reveals what has changed in “One Nation Under…?”

Faith vs. Reason

The Bible says that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge . . .” (Proverbs 1:7). But is it really reasonable to base our understanding on the Bible? Isn’t faith believing in something you can’t see? In “Faith vs. Reason” Jason Lisle shows how reason and Christian faith work together seamlessly to help us know and love our Creator.

Search and Destroy

Read and see how our Creator God provides for His creation. “Mission: Search and Destroy” is a fully illustrated article in “graphic novel” format, by geneticist Georgia Purdom. This unique approach makes the complicated easy (and fun!) to understand as it takes you on a visual journey through the bloodstream, where hordes of microscopic defenders—white blood cells—wage a never-ending battle against invaders. You’ll be fascinated by the intricate defense mechanisms God has designed into each cell.

Different Colors

Dr. Dave Menton tells of God’s design for melanocytes, another type of cell in our bodies. Melanocytes help protect our skin from the harmful radiation of the sun by producing the building block for “Umbrellas of the Skin.”


Another cell, which is not part of the human body, builds its own intricate house out of glass. Don DeYoung tells how imitating God’s design for single-celled diatoms is helping engineers create new products for mankind.

Rubber Chicken Leg

Of course, God’s amazing design for life doesn’t stop with the cell. In “Rubber Chicken Leg” you’ll do an experiment (after a tasty meal) that demonstrates the strength and flexibility God built into bones. Who would have thought that you could tie a chicken bone into a knot?

Dinosaur Footprint

Geologist Andrew Snelling takes you from modern chicken remains back to the mystery of fossilized dinosaur footprints. It’s clearly difficult to explain how gradual processes over millions of years could preserve delicate impressions in mud before they were washed away, but do creationists have a better explanation? How could such footprints survive the churning waters of Noah’s flood?

Closing the Gap

Many people who acknowledge the Creator believe that He accomplished His work over millions or billions of years, and not in six literal days. What are their arguments and how are they supported? Paul F. Taylor examines one such argument in the light of Scripture. “Closing the Gap” looks at five claims of supposed biblical support for the gap theory to determine whether they hold water.


In their efforts to interpret clues about the earth’s past, scientists often use radiocarbon dating. With the semi-technical article, “Carbon-14 Dating—Understanding the Basics,” Dr. Snelling begins a three-part series on radiocarbon dating, what it can and can’t tell us, and the challenges C-14 dating presents for both evolutionists and creationists.

You also won’t want to miss articles on the amazing cooperation between the yucca moth and yucca plant, evidence for human-dinosaur contact in ancient pottery, and God’s wonderful design for the acrobat of the rainforest, the gibbon.

Kids Answers Cover

In addition to these feature articles, you’ll find perspectives on today’s news, practical advice for parents, a challenge for teens on the sanctity of their own lives, and much more. A detachable chart compares different compromise theories with biblical creation, and the 8-page Kids Answers section will give your children an engaging lesson on loving others. Includes a colorful poster that illustrates that we are all one race—the human race.

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