From Wolf to Woof?

on October 1, 2016

From Wolf to Woof?

If you took a miniature poodle for a walk, no one would cry, “Wolf!” and run for cover. In fact, people are more likely to pat your pup.


No one is going to mistake this miniature poodle for a wolf! But did you know they are related to each other?

But don’t let those tiny paws fool you. The poodle holds its head high. The Creator made the first dogs on the sixth day of Creation Week with all sorts of variety. From wolves to dingoes and hairless terriers, each type shows just how amazing the canine kind is.

Wait a second. Wolves and poodles are related? You bet! So are beagles, Great Danes, jackals, and coyotes.

When God made the first members of the dog kind, He gave them a lot of variety in their DNA. Short hair, long hair, tall, round—the information for this potential variety was already in those first members.

They’re all one big family with lots of variety. But they’re still dogs. A dog won’t ever become a cat!

Think of breeding dogs like picking from a bag of mixed candy. When you reach in, you might get chocolates or gummies or jawbreakers. It’s all one bag of candy, but lots of types.

Great Dane

We got breeds like sorting candy. People picked out the things they liked best and tried to get pups with these qualities.

God put together different combinations that would later meet our needs. Some dogs are good for hunting, with sensitive noses, loud yelps, and plenty of speed. Others are good at protecting us. Still others are perfect for cuddling in our laps. It’s a package deal—and certainly NO accident. God knew that each different person would want a different BFF (best furry friend)!

And that’s how the fierce wolf and the cute poodle are cousins. Even if that seems like quite a tall tail . . . er . . . tale.

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The Creator made the first dogs on the sixth day of Creation Week with all sorts of variety.

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