Four Types of Dogs

on October 1, 2016
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Siberian Husky


When you look at these types of dogs, you can tell by their large size and fluffy fur that they’re closely related to wolves. But even with the family resemblance, they’re a loyal bunch that likes a good belly rub. See them yourself: Alaskan malamute, basenji, chow chow, shar-pei, and Siberian husky.

German Shepherd


Just like you’d expect from their name, guard dogs have the right set of features to keep watch. They have big, powerful bodies to protect their owners and sensitive noses to sniff out trouble. But as fierce as they can seem, they’re also quick to please and happy to obey their masters. See them yourself: boxer, bulldog, German shepherd, Newfoundland, Rottweiler, mastiff.

Shetland Sheepdog


Sharp teeth let herding dogs nip at sheep to round them up or move them along. These small, quick dogs usually have double coats of hair to keep them warm on chilly nights. That’s good for dogs that live in colder climates. See them yourself: collie, greyhound, Shetland sheepdog, standard poodle (the big version).



These dogs have a nose for the hunt and can track a smell for miles. No rabbit is safe when they’re on the scent! They’re smart and loyal, but their howl can wake all the neighbors. See them yourself: basset hound, beagle, bloodhound, golden retriever, Irish setter.

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