on February 16, 2010



God designed bats with an effective echolocation system with which they locate and even identify their prey. This system is far superior to man-made systems such as radar and sonar. A bat can identify its own sound even among thousands of other bat signals. All fossils of bats are essentially no different from bats found today. This shows that since God created them, the bat has not changed, or changed only slightly.


  • Bats are the only truly flying mammals and are in an order all their own.
  • Their powerful feet are able to hold their body weight while hanging upside down.

Fun Facts

  • One insectivorous bat can consume over 600 mosquitoes in a single hour.
  • Bats live in huge colonies, some numbering in the millions.
  • Fruit and nectar-eating bats are important seed dispersers and plant/tree pollinators of our tropical rainforests.

Created Kind Members

Big brown bat, silver-haired bat, Mexican free-tailed bat, pipistrelle bat

CLASS: Mammalia (mammal)
ORDER: Chiroptera (hand wings)
FAMILY: 18 families
GENUS/SPECIES: More than 1,000 different species

Size: Largest wingspan: over 6 ft (2 m) Smallest wingspan: ± 6 in (0.2 m)
Weight: Varies based on species from 0.5 oz to 3 lbs (0.01–1.4 kg)
Original Diet: Plants
Present Diet: Mostly fruits, nectar, and insects; also reptiles and fish; the vampire bat drinks the blood of vertebrate animals
Habitat: Rainforests, temperate forests, urban areas, and deserts; all continents except Antarctica

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