What Does God See As Gross?

on March 28, 2011

Only Jesus can take away the yuck of sin.

Jesus touched and healed many people we might not want to touch. He even healed those with a painful and disfiguring skin disease called leprosy (LEP-roh-see). No one else wanted to be close to them. But Jesus loved them no matter what they looked like.

Some yucky things in this world, such as leprosy, remind us that the world around us isn’t how God intended it. The first two people—Adam and Eve—disobeyed God, and as a result, humans and animals suffer and die. That’s why some people get really sick and why some have to be in wheelchairs or hooked up to machines.

But God doesn’t judge us based on the outside—the things we consider strange. He takes a closer look inside. In the Bible, God says there is one thing He finds gross: when we disobey Him. That’s called sin.

The bad news? We all disobey Him. And no matter how much good stuff we do, we can’t “un-gross” ourselves (Isaiah 64:6). Only Jesus can take away the yuck of sin (Ephesians 5:25–26).


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