April–June 2011


This issue of Kids Answers explores the amazing, yet sometimes yucky, design features that protect our bodies. Don’t let an icky scab or a slimy sneeze gross you out. Take a closer look instead!

Kids Answers Poster

Super Gross Heroes

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Buddy Davis

Hey, Kids! Buddy Davis here. Did you know that your bodies reveal how smart God is? Even the parts we think of as gross show that God thought of everything. We should thank Him for how amazing our bodies are—even earwax! (See Psalm 139:14.)

Charlie and Trike

“Hey, Trike! Should I be worried if I swallow my gum?”

“You definitely shouldn’t gulp down your chewing gum on purpose. But if you accidentally swallow it, your body can usually digest it along with your food.”

See you soon at the Kneehigh Museum and right here at Kids Answers!

Note to parents: The Kneehigh Museum offers exciting new adventures made just for kids at the 70,000 square foot Creation Museum, near Cincinnati, Ohio (USA).


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      Your body contains all sorts of amazing features. Some may gross you out or embarrass you, but they’re just as necessary as the beautiful things.

      March 28, 2011, pp. 1–2
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      As yucky as they look, scabs prove that gross is great!

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