on April 1, 2015

Volcanoes have power to create land, provide resources, and help people in other surprising ways. Millions of people today live on islands that were formed by the volcanoes that changed the world at the time of Noah's Flood.


Hawaii may seem like Eden, but it did not even exist before Noah's Flood! A chain of volcanoes formed the Hawaiian Islands during and after the Flood! These islands don't have the same kind of volcanoes as Mt. St. Helens. They are called shield volcanoes. The lava from these volcanoes is thin and flows pretty quickly, so it doesn't get clogged up and explode. Instead, it patiently forms large mountains with gently sloping sides.

Fertile Soil

Once the volcanic rock cools, wind and rain break it down into fertile soil, and before long a tropical paradise is born! Volcanic activity has also brought many minerals to the earth’s surface, such as diamonds and gold, which we now mine.

God used the epic power of volcanoes to make some of the most unforgettable places on earth! Many of the world's most famous islands and landmarks were made by volcanoes.

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