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Like most sharks, the tiger shark has an incredible sense of smell.


Tiger Shark

Like most sharks, the tiger shark has an incredible sense of smell. This feature allows the tiger shark to smell small traces of blood, and its electroreceptors allow the shark to locate and track prey, even in the dark. These features were not used in hunting in the original created kind, since all creatures were created to eat only plants.


  • The tiger shark’s coloring varies from bluish or greenish gray to black on its back and from light gray to dingy yellow on its belly.
  • The tiger shark’s tail has a large upper lobe, which delivers the power it needs for slow cruising or sudden bursts of speed.
  • A young pup has spotted markings across its back that fades as it ages.

Fun Facts

  • These sharks eat almost anything. Things found in their stomachs have included coal, dogs, overcoats, a drum, a chicken coop, and bottles. If they become too full with items that they cannot digest, they will throw up everything to make room for more. They can eat toxic fish such as trunkfishes and porcupinefishes with no ill effects.
  • The tiger shark has a special gill slit (a spiracle) behind its eyes that provides oxygen flow directly to the eyes and brain.
  • There is little doubt that the tiger shark is the most dangerous animal inhabiting coral reefs.
  • This shark is ovoviviparous and may have up to 80 or more pups per litter.

CLASS: Chondrichthyes (cartilaginous fish—sharks, skates, and rays)
ORDER: Carcharhiniformes (ground sharks)
FAMILY: Carcharhinidae (requiem sharks)
GENUS/SPECIES: Galeocerdo cuvier

Size: 10–18 ft (3–5.5 m)
Weight: 900–1,500 lbs (408–680 kg)
Diet: Crabs, lobsters, squid, fish, porpoises, turtles, marine birds and mammals
Habitat: Worldwide in tropical and sub-tropical waters

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