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Space Unscramble Activity

on December 17, 2007

Complete each sentence by unscrambling the letters at the end of each sentence.

1. The planet Saturn has ________________ around its middle. (igrsn)

2. ________________ was the scientist who discovered God’s laws of planetary motion. (pKeerl)

3. The discoveries of __________________ made microwaves and televisions possible. (welxalM)

4. The laws of __________________ were discovered by Sir Isaac Newton. (oomnit)

5. The host of the heavens were made by the Lord’s ________________ . (therab)

6. The _________________ helped many scientists discover God’s scientific laws. (ieBbl)

7. _________________ is the only planet where life has been found. (hEtra)

8. The Great Red Spot is a giant ____________________ on Jupiter. (crehuanir)

9. The nickname of _______________ is the red planet. (raMs)

10. Venus is called “Earth’s _______________.” (wint)

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