Wily the Fox

Hey kids, welcome to my den! I’m Wily, and I’m a red fox. You caught me in between hunting trips. While I’ll eat many things like fruit, eggs, small birds, and the like, I’m particularly fond of rodents. Did you know that foxes, members of the dog kind, are extremely adept at hunting small prey?

But despite our hunting ability, foxes were often hunted for sport in medieval times. Foxes had to be tricky to escape. We can be clever (smart) when hunting for our next meal and avoiding predators. That’s why my mom named me Wily—it means “tricky”!

Do you know who else is tricky? The enemy who tries to lead us astray with lies. Remember that we need to fasten on the belt of truth to guard against those lies and not be tricked by them! And because we serve God, his Word is our source of truth.

Whenever you see a tricky fox, remember to put on the belt of truth, turn to God, believe his Word, and tell the truth!

Red Fox Facts

Class: Mammalia (mammal)
Order: Carnivora (meat-eating)
Family: Canidae (dog kind)
Genus: Vulpes vulpes

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