Hi, my name’s Justin. Well, actually, it’s Justin Michael Peterson, but of course everyone only calls me Justin. I live with my mom and dad and little sister, Ellie. She’s only two and can be pretty goofy sometimes.

I like to draw and paint pictures and do puzzles of lions and dinosaurs. Building sandcastles is another one of my favorite things. I can even build triple-tower castles! I love to play soccer, too—I just made the Tigers team this year! Go Tigers! Oh, and the other big thing I did this year was start school. It’s sure been fun learning new things and making new friends.

But my very best friend is my next-door neighbor, Jessie. Our families have been friends since Jessie and I were born—only two weeks apart. I even get to call her parents Auntie Bev and Uncle Dave because our families are so close. Jessie and I get to do all kinds of things together, like go on picnics or explore the zoo, but we also have fun just playing in the fort I helped my dad build in the backyard.

I like doing things with my dad and mom. Sometimes I mess up and disappoint them, but they forgive me and teach me about the importance of following God’s Word. They teach me a lot about God and the Bible. One of my favorite things I’ve learned about God is that he created everything—including gigantic dinosaurs! But even though he’s so big and can do such awesome things, God still listens when I pray and helps me with little things every day.

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