Hi there! My name is Jessie Marie Andrews. I live with my mom and dad next door to my friend, Justin. We’ve been best friends forever. Our families like each other so much, I call Justin’s mom Aunt Kristi and his dad Uncle Tim. We go places and do stuff together all the time. It’s a lot of fun. Once, we went to the zoo and fed the giraffes. I thought it was pretty icky when the giraffe slobbered on me. Yuck!

I do love animals, though—when they don’t slobber on me. I have a fat kitty named Freckles. He gets into things and sometimes eats my peanut butter sandwiches. But I love him anyway, especially when he purrs in my ear and tickles my cheek with his whiskers.

I love playing with my doll, Miss Molly, and having tea parties with my cousin who lives down the street. I absolutely adore the colors pink and purple!

Justin and I are in the same class at school. We’re also in the same Sunday school class and Kids’ Club where we learn all sorts of neat things about God and the Bible. I think my favorite thing about God is that he knows what’s in my heart. When I do the wrong things and end up getting in trouble, I know I can ask God to forgive me, and he helps me do what’s right. My mom and dad say God will always keep on loving me no matter what.

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