Whose Kingdom Will You Choose?

on June 30, 2014

Kingdom of Darkness

In this present world, we are all born into the Dark Kingdom, a place ruled by the enemy of the King, Satan. The enemy’s helpers tell us to doubt the Word of the King, and they often make fun of those who follow Him. They don’t want us to believe that the King made us and has the right to lead us. Most people think they live in a bright, happy land, and they don’t even realize they are stumbling around in inky blackness. But even in their blindness, the King continues to shine a light to point lost children back to His land.

Kingdom of Light

The Kingdom of Light exists side by side with the Kingdom of Darkness. But here live the people of the King. The King rescued them from the false promises of the enemy and gave them eyes that can see. The citizens of this kingdom call out to those in the darkness. They tell them to swear devotion to the true King, their Creator. They explain how much better life is in His kingdom, where everyone serves the Creator and each other with true chivalry. (Chivalry, dear knights and ladies, is a fancy word for love). The people in the King’s kingdom know they will be safe with the King forever.

The Two Kingdoms

Whose Kingdom Will You Choose?

Although your story begins in the Kingdom of Darkness, the King has shown you great love. He gave His life for His disobedient children. If you turn away from the Dark Kingdom and swear allegiance to Him, He promises to give you a new life in the Kingdom of Light.

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Battle for the Truth

The journey to the Kingdom of Light does not require a difficult trek because the King made the way easy for us.

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