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by Dr. Steve and Ruth Carter on June 20, 2017
Trilobite Fossils

This book is dedicated to my four sons, Phil, Tim, Josh, and David, whose growing-up years ignited a life-long passion within me to teach kids.

I wish to give special thanks for:

  • God, my heavenly father, who first put the thought in my head to write this book for kids.
  • My friends, Kym and Andrew Snelling, whose encouragement and help have been the “wind in my sails” for this project.
  • T. F. Marsh and Diane King, whose artistic talents have changed these pages from ho-hum information to a compelling read for kids.
  • My good husband, Steve, whose support over the long haul has been second to none.

I Really Really Really Like Fossils

This book of fossil facts teaches kids how fossils are made, where to find fossils, and what can be learned from fossils—all from a biblical perspective!

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