I Really Really Really Like Fossils

I Really Really Really Like Fossils

This book of fossil facts teaches kids how fossils are made, where to find fossils, and what can be learned from fossils—all from a biblical perspective!


    • p. 2

      This book is dedicated to my four sons, Phil, Tim, Josh, and David, whose growing-up years ignited a life-long passion within me to teach kids.

    • pp. 3–5

      A fossil is a part of an animal or plant that has been preserved in rock.

    • pp. 6–7

      How did it happen that billions and billions of things died and are preserved for us in the rock layers of the earth?

    • pp. 8–9

      Body parts fossils were formed when a plant or animal died and was buried quickly in wet sediment.

    • pp. 10–11

      Trace fossils are marks of a creature’s everyday activities left in hardened sediment.

    • pp. 12–18

      Let’s go back to the beginning when the world was very good. What could have caused fossils to form?

    • pp. 19–22

      This might sound surprising to you, but 95% of all fossils are creatures from the sea.

    • pp. 23–28

      Hunting fossils is so much fun. But are there things we can learn from fossils?

    • pp. 29–32

      Most fossils are found in sedimentary rocks.