He Is Risen Cards

He Is Risen Cards

These special cards detail evidences of Jesus' resurrection.


    • pp. 1–2

      The number of people who have risen from the dead and who are still alive today!

    • pp. 3–4

      The number of days Jesus was in the tomb before he rose from the dead, just as he had prophesied (Matthew 12:40).

    • pp. 5–6

      The number of women named in the Gospel accounts who saw the empty tomb!

    • pp. 7–8

      The number of prophecies listed here that Jesus fulfilled with his suffering, death, and resurrection.

    • pp. 9–10

      The number of original disciples to whom Jesus appeared after his resurrection (Matthew 28:16–17, Mark 16:14).

    • pp. 11–12

      The number of years Paul journeyed around the Mediterranean Sea sharing his testimony.

    • pp. 13–14

      The number of days during which Jesus appeared to his disciples after his resurrection.

    • pp. 15–16

      The number of pounds of spices put on the linen cloths that were wrapped around Jesus’ body after he died.

    • pp. 17–18

      The number of people to whom Jesus Christ appeared at one time!

    • pp. 19–20

      The number of people whose lives have been changed by believing in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.