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Bible Basics

Bible Basics

Use this booklet for a quick refresher of the fun apologetics learned during Operation Arctic VBS.


    • pp. 2–3

      The Bible is a book unlike any other. Do you know why?

    • pp. 4–5

      The complete list of biblical books is called the canon, meaning the “measuring rod” or the “authority” for determining truth.

    • pp. 6–7

      The authors wrote their inspired books through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    • pp. 8–9

      God tells us He moved men to write the books of the Bible.

    • pp. 10–11

      Another way that we know that the Bible is from God is through fulfilled prophecy.

    • pp. 12–13

      Archaeologists have made many discoveries that confirm what the Bible says.

    • pp. 14–17

      The Bible tells the truth about scientific things. There are many examples.