by Stacia McKeever on June 19, 2017

Illustrations by Paul Agner

The Bible tells the truth about scientific things. There are many examples, so we’ll just list a few here.

Countless Stars

In the past, some people thought there were only about 3,000 stars because that is all they could see before the telescope was invented (in 1608). But today we know that there are too many stars to count. Over 3,000 years ago, God told Abraham to count the stars, if he could (Genesis 15:5). God knew then that the stars were countless, as we know they are today.

Stars and Planets

Paths of the Sea

Matthew Maury lived 200 years ago. He loved to study the Bible and believed that it was accurate in every area of its teachings. When he found Psalm 8:8, which talks about “paths of the sea,” he set out to discover them. And he discovered several currents that run through the oceans—including the Gulf Stream, which runs up the east coast of America in the Atlantic Ocean and then over toward England!

Matthew Maury

Laws of Nature

About 2,700 years ago, the prophet Jeremiah wrote that there were ordinances, or laws, of heaven and earth (Jeremiah 33:25). These laws describe the way God created His world to work. We study these laws when we study science. Only the orderly God of the Bible could have created such orderly laws that operate the same throughout time. They reflect His nature.

One of those laws is what keeps our feet on the ground and prevents us from flying off into space when we jump—the law of gravity!

We also study the laws of God when we study math. 1+1 always equals 2 no matter where we are in the universe. When we do math, it’s kind of like we are learning how God thinks in an orderly mathematical way!

Law of Life

In the beginning, God created various kinds of life: flying animals, swimming animals, beasts of the field, insects, plants, and people. He created them “after their kind” and told them to reproduce (Genesis 1, 8:17).

God is the original author of all life. The Law of Life that we might learn about in biology teaches that life only comes from life. We don’t, for example, observe life coming from a pile of rocks or a pool of mud.

And organisms produce more organisms like themselves (dogs produce dogs, cats produce cats). We don’t observe one kind of organism (such as a dog) changing into a completely different kind of organism (such as a cat). This is what we would expect to find from reading the Bible!


Bible Basics

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