Woolly Mammoth

January–March 2010

Woolly Mammoth

This issue of Kids Answers explores the great ice age and woolly mammoths. Learn what the word prehistoric actually means!

Kids Answers Poster

Members of the Elephant Kind

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Buddy Davis

Hey kids! Buddy Davis here. Don’t forget, you can always trust your Bible, God’s Word. It gives us real, true answers—even to things that at first don’t seem to make sense. Click here to read more from this issue of Kids Answers!

Charlie and Trike

My name is Charlie, and just like any other monkey, I’m always excited to meet new friends and go on incredible adventures. You’ll soon find out that I ask tons of questions, too.

And that’s one reason I’m really happy that my best friend Trike is here! Any time I have a tough question, Trike shows me how to find the answer. Can you see that he is a triceratops? The two of us make a great team!

See you soon at the Kneehigh Museum and right here at Kids Answers!

Note to parents: The Kneehigh Museum offers exciting new adventures made just for kids at the 70,000 square foot Creation Museum, near Cincinnati, Ohio (USA).


    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      Woolly Mammoth
      Jan. 11, 2010, pp. 1–2

      Woolly mammoths belong to the same elephant kind as mastodons and modern elephants.

    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      Jan. 11, 2010, pp. 2–3

      Nothing is prehistoric!

    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      The Great Ice Age
      Jan. 11, 2010, pp. 4–5

      Creation scientists who trust the Bible believe that there was only one ice age.