on January 11, 2010

Nothing is prehistoric!

Cave Drawings

We often hear the word prehistoric used to describe dinosaurs or the woolly mammoths and other Ice Age creatures. It means that they existed before written history.

Could that be? What does the Bible tell us? God’s Word gives us a written record of earth history from the very beginning (Genesis 1:1). It describes how God created all things, including every kind of dinosaur and other creature, during the first six days of history, only 6,000 years ago.

What about cavemen? Surely they were prehistoric. Not really! Today we find evidence that some people lived in caves. But these were descendants of Noah. They lived in caves to protect themselves and their families from the weather and animals. They were very smart, like Noah!

The Bible says the first two people were Adam and Eve. They were created just 6,000 years ago with dinosaurs and all other land animals. All people are part of Adam's family.

Nothing is prehistoric!

Woolly Mammoth

This issue of Kids Answers explores the great ice age and woolly mammoths. Learn what the word prehistoric actually means.

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