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Far from the lights of suburbia, the moonless sky sparkles with light. Cleaving the heavens is a swath of stars glowing with a soft, milky hue—the bulging disk of the Milky Way. From our vantage point on earth, we get to peer 27,000 light-years into the heart of our galaxy.

Our front-row seats on an outer spiral give us a view of most of the Milky Way’s 400 billion stars. Yet we’re far enough from its blazing interior to get a glimpse of other, distant galaxies, perhaps 500 billion in all, each with its own glory.

The Creator filled the universe with these treasures in an instant (Genesis 1:16), and “He calls them all by name” (Isaiah 40:26).

Milky Way

Photo by Nathan DeBoer

Milky Way over Hebgen Lake near West Yellowstone. Click picture to view larger image.

Bee on Sunflower

Photo by Susan K. Miller

Bee on a sunflower.

Limousin Steer

Photo by Rene and Randy Woods

Limousin steer.

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January – March 2014

Placed safely in our solar system’s “goldilocks zone” and engineered with the perfect balance of atmosphere, chemicals, and water, our earth was miraculously formed to be inhabited (Isaiah 45:18). This issue examines the earth’s unique suitability for life. We’ll also investigate what seminaries are actually teaching our pastors, the possibility that viruses could be beneficial, and more.

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