Readers Respond to Answers October - December 2006

on January 1, 2007
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Lobby Litter

“Today I have a doctor’s appointment, and I’m always impressed with how worthless and bland are the usual magazines found in waiting rooms. So today I will take along my previous issue of Answers and leave it among the other magazines for patients to find and enjoy.”

— Rick Barry, Danville, IN

Great Tool for Teachers

“Your latest magazine is absolutely fabulous! I wish I could buy one for every Christian school teacher. There are wonderful bulletin-board fold-outs in the text. I am forcing myself to give mine away to a good Christian teacher. I usually place your magazines in doctors’ offices, but not this one! Thank you for this wonderful magazine.”

— Virginia Layman, Easley, SC

Editor’s note: Whether you’re passing your copies of Answers to a school teacher or placing them in a doctor’s office, let’s get the word out! But if it’s unthinkable to part with your Answers, consider giving at least one new gift subscription a year. Giving Answers is a great way to give a storehouse of Christian knowledge to an influential person of your choice, such as your pastor or your child’s teacher.

Fossil Fanatic

“I have a 10-year-old unsaved nephew who collects fossils, but like all beginners he needs help. Could you therefore include hints and advice for such kids in your kids section of the magazine?

“P.S. I bought him the The Fossils Book from AiG, and I also sent him the pull-out kids section of the first Answers magazine. He loved them.”

— Alexander Lennox, Scotland, UK

Editor’s note: You’re not the only one to request hints and instructions for fossil collecting. Thanks for the great idea!

New Look, New Excitement

“I really like the bright new look with diversity of articles. I especially like to use your publication in teaching children, and the new quality helps. For a couple of years the magazine has been dragging for me, and I found that it was not the one I [was] reaching for in the ‘reading room.’ Thank you for the new excitement! The pictures themselves are popping. I am reaching for this magazine once again!”

— Mel and Ronna Brown, Indianapolis, IN

Answers in the Public Library

“I am so impressed with your new publication! It is excellent, and I’m thrilled to say I came across it at my local library—Columbus Metropolitan Library, Ohio!

“Thanks so much for such a wonderful blessing to all of us!”

— Susan McNutt

Good Fit for Homeschooling

“I will definitely be subscribing this Friday—pay day. My husband and I love the magazine and know that it will fit into our homeschooling. Thank you.”

— Karin

More Answers

“I do LOVE Answers. I only have one complaint. You only publish four times a year! I want more! At least 6–8 times a year would be awesome. Also, do you have any plans to make Kids Answers a full-on magazine of its own to compete with the secular kids magazines out there?”

— Michael Hill, South Salem, Ohio

Influencing Young Minds

“After enjoying [the] first issue, I thought that I should send a gift subscription to our 8-year-old granddaughter Katrina. She is a very precocious young lady. After receiving the [Oct.–Dec.] issue, she brought it to church last Sunday morning and was showing it to others. She opened it up to the article on Charles Darwin and asked if I had read it. Later in discussing this, I asked her what her opinion was as to his influence, and her reply was ‘bad.’ Knowing the observant reader that Katrina is, I am happy that this gift subscription to Answers is going to be having an influence on her in the area of creationism.”

— David M. Holly, Tecumseh, MI

Holiday’s Correction

“In your recent article ‘Happy Holidays’ the entry for Easter is misleading. When you mention that Easter is at the same time as pagan festivals, you should have mentioned that the date of Easter is tied to the Jewish feast of Passover and the date of Christ’s resurrection.”

— Jamey Wright, St. Augustine, FL

Editor’s note: Great point, Jamey. We’ll make that revision to the online version of the “Happy Holidays” article at And we hope that your note will serve to inform thousands of other subscribers.

Kangaroo Kicking Back

Response to the new Answers magazine has been incredible! We don’t know if this relaxing marsupial from Australia (below) can actually read or if she just enjoys the pictures. In either case, we’re glad she didn’t just stick Answers in her pouch and forget about it! Make a fuss, share Answers with others.

Kangaroo with Answers magazine

Submit your own photo (actual or just-for-fun photo) with Answers magazine clear and prominent, and we may display it here!

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