by Sarah Eshleman on January 1, 2021
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Each evening, I scan the field behind my house for deer or other wildlife that might be foraging in the twilight. All things are equal at dusk, mere edges and curves as if earth were absorbing the coming darkness. But the night that calls me to rest is a revelry for other critters to be up and at ’em.

Raccoons lumber out of storm drains to raid garbage cans. Bats swoop, frantic to snatch moths loitering around porch lights. Crickets and frogs chirp a rhythmic refrain. Coyotes yip and squeal like sirens on the breeze. An owl blinks slowly, intent on a mouse crossing the field. And somewhere a skunk has been threatened.

Whether day or night, creation points to the Creator’s wisdom, following his order of things—and so do I as I close the blind and later slip off to sleep.

The sun knows its time for setting. You make darkness, and it is night, when all the beasts of the forest creep about. Psalm 104:19–20

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